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Graduate Programs in Maine

Getting a master's degree is one of the most important professional development activities a teacher can undertake. It's good for students: a recent study of Maine schools showed that the best predictor of high student achievement is the number of teachers with masters' degrees in a school. And it's good for teachers: a teacher with a master's degree earns, on the average, at least 10% per year more than a teacher with only a bachelor's degree. That amounts to a substantial difference over the lifetime of a teacher's career.

Because teachers' contracts provide for school system reimbursement of course tuition, achieving a master's degree is affordable for most teachers, and should be part of your career plan. Some school positions, such as the Library-Media Specialist or Guidance Counselor, require a master's degree for certification. For more information about certification requirements, call the Maine Department of Education's certification office at 624-6603. For more information about graduate school, check out the programs at Maine's colleges and universities: they range from the traditional on-campus program to those which use a field-based, peer-led approach.

Many of the programs listed here also offer online coursework and distance-learning options.

University of Maine University of Southern Maine
University College: ITV and Online Courses Saint Joseph's College
Thomas College University of New England Graduate Programs
Lesley University Antioch New England
Online Courses (Master's; law) CyberLearning Universe
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