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Conferences & Seminars

MEA's Pre-Retirement Seminars

A valuable information session for those contemplating retirement in five years or less. Visit the Pre-Retirement Seminar page to see when a seminar near you is scheduled.

Fall Conference

The conference is an interactive training experience for all that will help you build relationships, skills, and knowledge. Come ready to participate and gain new skills for organizing your local.

Spring Conference

An annual spring conference that provides a wide variety of training and Contact Hours to our members.

Take Charge of Your Profession: Teacher Evaluation Training Sessions

As a teacher, you must have a say in how you are evaluated, what the process looks like and what model is used for your evaluation. The workshops will teach you the key steps in having an active role in the process to ensure your evaluation is both fair and accurate.

Bargaining Training and Simulations for Negotiators and Leadership

Need to know the basics? What is interest-based bargaining? Need some practice at the table? Is there a way to get more out of our wage/salary scale? How do we deal with educational policy issues? How do we adapt at the table in this changing environment? Training sessions are designed to address these topics and more. There is a session that is right for you whether you are just starting or have been negotiating for years.



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