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Settlements for Retirees

Gregory Reed and Jane Olfene are able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy greater affluence in their retirement, thanks to the MEA’s advocacy.

Both had been improperly denied benefits by the Maine Public Employee Retirement System (MPERS); both were represented by MEA retained counsel Don Fontaine on their appeals; and, both received all their money back plus 7.8% interest.

In his letter of appreciation to MEA, Reed recounted the history of his case:

“In December of 2007 I received a phone call from an employee of the MPERS informing me that though I had been receiving benefits since August of that year, an irregularity indicated that I was in fact not retired and that my benefits would cease and I would have to repay some $17,000 in benefits that would be recouped. Merry Christmas!

I am sure that you are aware that an individual such as myself would never have reached such a positive resolution without the financial and political support of the MEA. I cannot really describe the relief I felt when Don notified me two weeks ago that MPERS has agreed to settle the case and that I would be receiving the money plus interest and that a number of sick days previously taken away would be restored.

As I sat in a legislative hearing in April of 2009, it became clear to me how many others had found themselves in a position like mine and how integral the MEA was in giving us a voice. You have made it so others will not feel the same desperation and frustration that I did on that December afternoon in 2007.

Again, please accept my deepest thanks.”

An appeal over the denial of benefits for Gail Quinney based on similar circumstances continues. 


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