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Liability Insurance

$ 1,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance

A vitally important benefit of MEA/NEA membership

Have you ever had a work-related injury or trouble with your teacher retirement? If you are a member of the Maine Education Association, MEA can help. We can provide an initial consultation on workers compensation that will guide you through the process. And, our retained legal counsel have aided members in appealing the denial of benefits by the Maine Public Employee Retirement System. We live in a litigious society, and that means that if something happens to a student in your class or in your area of supervision, you can be sued and held individually liable. By virtue of your employment, you could place your home and savings at risk to the claims of an angry parent.

To avoid such a calamity, each MEA member automatically receives a $1 million professional liability insurance policy from the NEA as a membership benefit. Through the Educators Employment Liability Program (EEL), you receive major protection against lawsuits arising from school-related employment. EEL provides coverage for educational employment on and off school grounds.

If you have questions about coverage, call your regional MEA office, or the MEA Legal Services Department.

What does the EEL Program cover?

  • Educators Liability Benefit - EEL will pay the costs of defending civil proceedings (other than Civil Rights) brought against you in the course of your work as an educator, and up to $1 million in damages assessed against you. On Civil Rights cases, EEL will pay up to $250,000 worth of defense, settlements or judgments, and other supplementary payments. Coverage is subject to a $3 million limit per occurrence regardless of the number of members involved in the occurrence.
  • Attorney Fees for the Defense of Criminal Proceedings - EEL will reimburse attorney fees and other legal costs up to $35,000 if you are charged with violating a criminal statute in the course of your employment as an educator, provided you are exonerated from the charges.
  • Bail Bond - EEL will reimburse up to $1,000 of a bail bond premium if you must post a bond as the result of an occurrence arising out of your employment as an educator.
  • Assault-Related Personal Property Benefit - EEL will pay up to $250 for damages to your personal property when caused by an assault upon you in the course of your employment (vehicles and school property are excluded).


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