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ESP Wages

is a compilation of ESP wage schedules. The reports are prepared by the MEA Collective Bargaining and Research Department from collective bargaining agreements in ESP units in Maine. The reports are for the current school year and are updatedas new contracts are received.

Section I: School Unit Locator

An alphabetical listing of ESP School Units and the MEA UniServ District (UD) in which each ESP School Unit is located.

Section II: Current ESP Wage Schedules

ESP unit wage schedules for 2010–11 by UD.

UD 1 UD 2 UD 3
UD 4 UD 5 UD 6
UD 7 UD 8 UD 9
UD 10 UD 11 UD 12
UD 15 UD 16

Section III: Classification Codes

Job titles and classifications on ESP wage schedules have been translated in a coded system to enable comparison of wage rates among school units. This section contains an index of classifications and codes.

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