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Great Public Schools Vision & History




Leading the Way to Great Public Schools for Every Maine Student.

MEA is a unified, democratic professional organization advocating for its 24,000 members while inspiring them to be leaders in the educational process. We are an affiliate of the National Education Association.

The purpose of the Association is to protect the rights of professional and support educators and advance their interests and welfare; advance the cause of public education for all individuals in the State of Maine; promote and protect human and civil rights, especially those of professional and support educators; advocate professional excellence among professional and support educators and secure the autonomy of the profession; and guarantee the independence of the professional and support educators and assure its benefits to every affiliated association.

We advocate for our members by influencing government policies, building community support for public education, expanding educational employees' rights, and promoting improvements in working conditions.

MEA's Great Public Schools Vision

150 years of MEA History


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