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MEA Governance

MEA is a democratic, member-run association of educators that is governed by a constitution and bylaws. The primary goals of the MEA are:
  • To advance the cause of public education for all individuals in the State of Maine;
  • To promote and protect human and civil rights, especially those of professional and support educators;
  • To advocate professional excellence among professional support educators and to secure the autonomy of the profession;
  • To guarantee the independence of the professional and support educators and to assure its benefits to every affiliated association;
  • To protect the rights of professional and support educators and to advance their interests and welfare.
Membership is open to all persons actively engaged in the education profession and currently includes teachers, retired educators, educational support personnel, student-educators, employees of Maine Public Broadcasting Co., Technical College faculty and administrators, and University of Maine faculty, professional employees, and clerical/support employees.

MEA's highest governing body is the Representative Assembly (RA) which derives its power from and is responsible to the membership. RA delegates are elected by local associations to meet annually and review the constitution, elect officers, adopt policies, and enact a program budget.

The Board of Directors carries out the policies of the Representative Assembly and is responsible for the over-all operations of the Association. The Board has 18 members elected by geographic regions and by the constituent interests of higher education, educational support personnel, and retired educators.

Three officers - president, vice president, treasurer, and one NEA Director - are elected by the RA to represent the MEA, work with the Board of Directors, and ensure the smooth functioning of MEA programs.



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