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Legal Services

MEA Legal Services: Your Safety Net

Working in education, while a noble profession, carries with it a certain amount of risk.

No one, from veteran educators to those brand new in the profession, is immune, and one unfounded accusation or misrepresented occurrence can quickly derail a career.

That is why you need the legal safety net that comes with membership in the Maine Education Association. Here is how you are protected:
  • Staff assistance and access to legal consultation if you are injured in the course of your work or need leave for health or personal reasons
  • Legal representation if you face dismissal for cause
  • Legal representation if you are accused of abusing a student and therefore are investigated by social workers
  • Legal representation if, during the course of your school duties, you are accused of committing a crime or face criminal prosecution
  • Liability insurance coverage for attorney fees and costs if you are acquitted of a criminal charge, or if those charges are dismissed
  • Liability insurance coverage to pay for the defense of civil suits brought against you in the course of your work and to cover damages assessed against you in such suits
  • The Attorney Referral Program, which offers discounts for legal representation in matters not related to your school employment, such as wills, real estate and traffic court matters
The MEA will be there for you when you need it the most. For more information, contact the MEA Division of Legal Services at (888) 622-4418 extension 2216.

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