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Retired educators are an important part of the Maine Education Association. When you leave your active life in your school it is important to stay involved in education issues—everything from the future of our public schools to your retirement benefits. The retiree chapter of the MEA, known as MEA-R, is very active and continues to help students and school communities each day.

Maintaining a connection to public education through the MEA-R network is vital not only to your own future but to the future of public education in Maine and beyond. For more information about MEA-R, including how to join please visit the Association’s MEA-R website or contact:

By Mail:
Dianne Leighton
MEA Special Services
P.O. Box 310
Caribou, ME 04736

By Phone:
1-800-281-3191 ext 2400

By Email:
Email Dianne Leighton


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