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Student Membership

What is Student MEA?

The Student Maine Education Association is an affiliate of the Maine Education Association that supports pre-professional educators. Student MEA offers students the opportunity to prepare for a career in teaching by offering things like:

Professional Development 
    Community and Outreach Projects
    Networking with Students and Educators 
Access to MEA and NEA Member Benefits 

Student MEA membership costs $28 a year and brings with it access to among other things all MEA workshops and conferences. By joining Student MEA you will stay up-to-date on the education profession - which is the best way to advocate for your chosen profession! 

Enroll Online


Membership Doesn't Cost - It Pays!

Members Receive:

  • Free Professional Development conferences and workshops - earning you contact hours for your portfolio
  • Discounted MEA membership in your first year of teaching
  • NEA membership rebate in your first year of teaching
  • Save on thousands of dollars in discounts on things like clothing, music, books, restaurants and more through the NEA Click and Save Program.


Financial Aid for Education Students:


            Finance Authority of Maine

            Educators for Maine (forgivable loans for pre-professional educators)

            Grants (federal and other programs)

            Maine Education Services

   (tips on applying)

Tax Credits and Deductions

Teacher Loan Forgiveness


Learn more about The NEA Student Program 

NEA Student Program


NEA Member Benefits


Read how Student MEA can help you when you become a teacher.

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