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Legislation & Policy

Why is the MEA involved in politics? Why should educators worry about who gets elected?

Here are three good answers:

  1. Protection of public schools is a fundamental task of the Association. With repeated political attacks on our schools at the state and national level, educators must defend their programs and MEA has led the way in proclaiming the success of Maine schools and defeating attempts to displace public schools as the cornerstone of our democracy.
  2. Funding for K-12 schools, the University of Maine, and Technical College Systems is largely dependent upon the good will of state legislators. The health and prosperity of your program, salary, and benefits is directly tied to votes on school funding. MEA is a strong proponent for more funding and is often the only voice for student needs.
  3. What you teach and how you do your job is the result of political decisions. School reform, learning results, teacher licensure, and educational technician authorization are all directly tied to votes by politicians. Administering medications, dealing with violent students, and the structure and governance of higher education are all dictated by legislative action or inaction. If MEA isn't involved, decisions about school curricula, teaching methodologies, student assessment, and graduation requirements will be made without regard for educator interests.


For more information on MEA's Legislative Agenda please contact Government Relations Director John Kosinski

Maine Legislature

National Education Association's Legislative Action Center


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