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Funtown Splashtown USA Discount Tickets

Funtown Splashtown USA Discount Tickets

As a MEA Member you’ll save up to $9.00 off select one-day passes at Northern New England’s largest water and amusement park by ordering your ticket(s) on-line.

Instructions for purchasing discount tickets online:

  • Ensure to disable any pop-up blockers
  • In a new browser window, go to the following address:
  • On the right side of the screen, click 'Buy Tickets & Passes'
  • At this new page, click on the link for Corporate Discount Tickets - this will bring you to the Group Sales Login page
  • If you are a first-time user, you must create an account. If you have purchased using the online store before, you can login using the username and password that you set during your previous transactions.

First Time users:

  • Under the 'Login' button, click on the link: Click here to create a new account that you will use each time you want to purchase passes. The company code is: maineeducation2017
  • Fill in the required information. Your username must be an email address, and your password should include both letters and numbers
  • Click on 'Continue' once the information has been entered
  • You will be brought to the 'One Day Passes' page to order your discount passes

Returning Users:

  • Under the 'Group Sales Login', enter your Username (this is your e-mail address), Password, and Group Sales Code of maineeducation2017
  • Click the Login button
  • You will be brought to the 'One Day Passes' page to order your discount passes

One-Day Passes page - for both First Time & Returning Users:

  • Select which 'One Day Pass' you would like and the quantity needed (there are three options to select from)
  • Review your shopping cart to ensure you have ordered the correct number and types of passes you want. The total amount due will be listed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Checkout

Delivering Your Order:

  • You'll have four options for receiving your order, select the best option for you
  • Enter your billing and shipping information
  • Review your order for accuracy, enter in your credit card information, and complete the order

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