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Inspiring Educators

The Maine Education Association is proud to sponsor a new award given to educators across the state who are truly inspiring students each day. In partnership with NewsCenter, the MEA will highlight an "Inspiring Educator" to be featured during a news segment. Each Inspiring Educator chosen will showcase his or her work on both WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2, and how that work is making a difference in the lives of their students.

The Maine Education Association is proud of all of its inspiring educators, and hopes this new partnership will let the public see the great work happening in each of our great public schools.

You can see the "Inspiring Educators" segment on NewsCenter each Tuesday in the 5:30 newscast. Below are some of the MEA’s awards winners. 

Rebecca Albright - St. George School (St. George EA)

Lisa Neal - Nokomis Regional High School (RSU 19 EA)

Joe Mason - Asa C. Adams School (Riverside EA - RSU 26)

Kelly Daigneault - Winslow High School (Winslow EA)

Geoff Wright - Oak Hill High School

Liz Cook - Leeds Central School
(Tri-Town Education Association - SAD 52)

Ami Amero - Forest Hills Consolidated School (Jackman TA - SAD 12)

Brenda Angotti - Opal Myrick Elementary School (MEA-R)

Jan Gibson - Sea Road School (Kennebunk-Arundel-Kennebunkport EA)

Joni Kinney - Perry Elementary School (Perry EA)

Jeni-Lee Jordan - Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School
(Oxford Hills EA)

Jennifer Merrill - Marcia Buker School
(Kennebec Intra-District Schools EA)

David Stackpole - Ellsworth Elementary Middle School (Ellsworth EA)

Patsy Thompson Leavitt - University of Southern Maine (AFUM)

Iris Eichenlaub - Camden Hills Regional High School (Megunticook TA)

Kim Proctor - Line Elementary (Massabesic EA)

Melissa Knight - Line Elementary (Massabesic EA)

Joanne McKenney - Sacopee Valley High School (Tri-County EA)

Bruce Lane - Portland Public Schools (Maine EA - District #04)

Mallory Cook - Hermon High School (Hermon EA)

Cherrie MacInnes - Brewer Community School (Brewer EA)

Deborah Richardson - Nokomis Regional High School (RSU 19 EA)

Laura Thomas - Milbridge Elementary School (SAD 37 TA Harrington)

Donnie Sheets - Williams Elementary School (RSU 18 EA)

Dick Gould - Greenville High School

Matt Sanzone - Marshwood High School (Quamphegan EA)

Mary Welner - Bath Middle School (Sagadahoc EA)

Stacey Augustine - W.G. Mallett School (Mt. Blue RSU EA)

David Pope - Massabesic Middle School (Massabesic EA)

Kristy McClure - Abraham Lincoln School (Bangor EA)

Kelly Brown - Oxford-Cumberland Canal School (Westbrook)

Jude Veilleux - Wentworth Intermediate School

Danica Wooster - Mid-Coast School of Technology (Region 8 EA)

Cindy Wallace - Memorial Elementary School (Gray-New Gloucester TA)

Dawn Lane - Mabel I. Wilson School (SAD 51 EA)

Lori Ellis - Calais Middle High School (Calais EA)

Sally Sullivan - Traip Academy (Kittery EA)

John Neal - Oak Hill High School (RSU 4 EA)

Greg Huang-Dale - Fryeburg Academy (Fryeburg Academy TA)

Donna Oliver - Holden Elementary School (SAD 63 TA (Holden))

Kristi Emery - Manson Park School (SAD 53 EA (Pittsfield))

Margaret Corral - Greely Middle School (SAD 51 EA)

Gretchen Kimball - Buckfield Jr.-Sr. High School (Western Foothills EA)

Paula Schuster - Nobleboro Central School (NobleboroTA)

Jeff Bailey - Mountain Valley High School (Western Foothills EA)

Teri Brown - Central High School (SAD 64 TA)

Mauri Dufour - Fairview School (Auburn EA)

Eva Rodd - Portland Arts and Technology High School (Portland EA)

Dan Ryder - Mt. Blue High School (Mt. Blue RSU EA)

Lisa Coburn - Washburn Elementary School (Auburn EA)

Jody Dube - Lewiston High School (Lewiston EA)

Billy Corcoran - Loranger Memorial School, OOB (RSU 23 EA)

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