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Partnership for Caring

MEA offers financial help to members in need. Through the Partnership for Caring, MEA will assist local affiliates to meet exigent expenses for MEA members or their immediate families. This is a matching grant of up to $1,500 in contributions raised by a local affiliate for that member. Fundraisers may be held on several occasions and matching funds may be requested more than once for the same member as long as the total amount does not exceed the $1,500 limit.

To request a matching contribution under the Partnership for Caring, the local affiliate president shall:

  1. submit a written request to the President of MEA explaining the circumstances of the member in need;
  2. indicate that the local affiliate has raised contributions/collected funds for which it seeks a matching contribution;
  3. indicate that the funds are to be used for the member or his or her immediate family, to meet exigent expenses of an unpredictable nature;
  4. submit a copy of the check(s), money order(s), or a document that indicates the amount of the donation that was given to the member in need; and
  5. mail the request to President, Maine Education Association, 35 Community Drive, Augusta, ME 04330.

Read more about the Partnership for Caring here


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