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Timeline for Revisions to the National Board Certification Process






Field test of assessment revisions Component 1: Assessment Center Component 3: Video Portfolio Component 4: Impact Accomplishments Portfolio N/A
National Board First-Time Candidates Take current assessment Take revised assessment: Components 1 and 2 available (except CTE) Take revised assesment: Components 1, 2, & 3 available (including CTE) Take revised assessment: All Components Available
Retakes under the current process For 2011-12 retake and 2012-13 first-time retake candidates For 2012-13 retake and 2013-14 first-time retake candidates For 2013-14 retake candidates N/A
Retakes under the revised process N/A  N/A For 2014-15 first-time retake candidates For 2014-15 retake and 2015-16 first-time retake candidates

Take One!

Available (but not bankable) N/A N/A N/A
Renewal Current Assessment  Current Assessment Current Assessment Proposed new assessment


Questions about the National Board certification process, technical questions about withdrawing or switching candidacy:

NBPTS Customer Support: 1-800-22TEACH

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