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National Board Certification

What is National Board Certification?

National Board Certification (NBC) is an advanced teaching credential and a challenging professional development experience offered by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). NBC is a voluntary certification system based on high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do, and consists of an innovative two-part portfolio and assessment center process that spans several months. Candidates must have at least three years of documented experience to begin the process.

NBCT-An Introduction to the Certification Process

Webinar | Powerpoint | Examples of NBCT Contract Language


MEA Sponsored National Board Certification Workshops

9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

October 21

November 4 

December 9 

January 13 

February 10 

March 17 

April 28 

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These workshops are designed to give you the information and encouragement that you need to complete the National Board Certification process. Find out what is involved, the time commitments required and how to get assistance with fees. The State of Maine has set aside $75,000 to cover the cost of scholarships for National Board fees for candidates. Connect with other Maine candidates as you engage in the National Board process, learn the difference between Teaching Standards and Content Standards and what “evidence” of accomplished teaching really means. Tips for establishing time lines, organizing the work, and accessing resources for candidate support will also be shared.

Those who choose to participate in these sessions will be joining a unique professional learning community. Please plan to attend all sessions, or as many as possible, as they build one upon another with guided reflective activities and practice. Those who achieve certification are eligible for $3,000 yearly salary supplement provided by the state.

Sessions are held at the MEA offices in Augusta at 35 Community Drive and Bangor at 1349 Broadway.

Morning coffee and snacks and lunch will be provided for participants.

All workshops are sponsored by the Maine Education Association and facilitated by trained Candidate Support Providers who are NBCTs. There is no fee for members to attend the workshops. The Candidate Support Workshops are a benefit to MEA members. Non-members are welcome but are expected to pay a participation fee of $591.00. Please register above or contact Dan Allen if you have any questions about the workshops above - 622-4418 x 2223.

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