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Education Support Professional (ESP) - advocates for ESP involvement in the Association and educational and training programs designed to advance ESP related issues.

Government Relations - develops and advocates the legislative program of the Association.

Human, Civil Rights, and Cultural Affairs - advocates for minority involvement in the Association (MEA's Minority Involvement Plan) and educational and training programs designed to enhance human and civil rights.

Instruction and Professional Development - recommends policies in the areas of instruction and professional development that involve the practitioner in the areas of classroom management, professional practices and standards, educational technology, early childhood education, and productive evaluation programs.

Resolutions - receives resolutions and new business items from members, committees and other groups.  After editing and reviewing resolutions and new business items, presents them to the Representative Assembly.

Statewide Bargaining - develops, reviews and recommends policies relating to the promotion of collective bargaining and goals; advises the staff regarding the development of resources to satisfy local affiliate needs related to collective bargaining.

Strategic Budget - prepares the annual budget for presentation to the Representative Assembly for adoption.

Structure and Bylaws - studies the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules and makes recommendations to achieve the purposes of the Association; responsible for the continuous maintenance of an efficient and workable election procedure.


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