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Spring Conference Resources

2015 Spring Conference Resources

Student Learning Objectives - Paul Stautinger
Video of the full session
SLO Presentation (PowerPoint)
SLO Resources
SLO Samples

2014 Spring Conference Resources

All Morning Session

Teaching with Poverty in Mind:
There is Hope (presentation slides)
Presentation Resources

Session 1

Delving Into Cultural Diversity: The Danger of a Single Story

Director's Cut: Comparing Text & Movies with Close Reading 

Teacher Leadership: What is Distributed Learning and How is it Utilized in a Teacher Led School? (Reiche School)

STEM: It's Elementary - Incorporating Mathematical Practices and Content During Science and Engineering Lessons in Gr. 3-5 Classrooms:
Curricular and Instructional Considerations
Essentials for a Science Notebook
Grade 4 Energy Unit Overview
Engineer Design Science Challenge
Cube Template
Mitten Problem
Reading a Thermometer
Ice Cube Race
Solar Ovens

Session 2

Check back for more updates.

Session 3

Teacher Abroad: Global Education for the 21st Century Learner

Hit the Target: How to Meet CCSS with a Dartboard
Lesson Plans Summary - Word Doc
Target and Writing a Story - Word Doc
Formative Assessment - Word Doc

Navigating an IEP Team Meeting and Basics of Special Ed. Law


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