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MEA Board of Directors

Lois Kilby-Chesley, is president of the MEA. The president serves full time representing the Association, working with the officers and Board of Directors, and coordinating the implementation of MEA policies. She may be reached at MEA headquarters in Augusta by calling 622-4418 or 1-888-622-4418, ext. 2220. Lois Kilby-Chesley, MEA President
Grace Leavitt is a Spanish teacher at Greely High School in SAD 51. She is the Vice President of MEA and National Board Certified. Grace Leavitt, MEA Vice President
Denise Simoneau teaches 6th grade math, reading, and science at the James F. Doughty Middle School in Bangor. She oversees the budget and financial operations of the Association as treasurer. Denise Simoneau, MEA Treasurer
Mike Thurston is a Social Studies teacher at Winslow High School. He represents the MEA at meetings of the National Education Association's Board of Directors as Maine's NEA Director. Mike Thurston, NEA Director

MEA Board of Directors

District A Phyllis Hunter Houlton to St Agatha
District B Steven Knowles Brooklin to Calais
District C Jesse Hargrove Greenville to Howland to Millinocket
District D Cyndy Fish Bangor-Brewer area
District E Ken Williams Mid-Coast area
District F Jill Watson Augusta to Rangeley
District G Robin Colby Waterville area
District H Jim Thornton Livermore-Oxford-Bethel area
District I Samantha Garnett Sias Lewiston-Auburn area
District J Terry Martin Topsham-Yarmouth area
District K Bob McCully Portland-Westbrook area
District L Amanda Cooper Gorham-Fryeburg area
District M Jill Kehoe South Portland-Biddeford area
District N Deborah ButlerĀ  Kittery-Sanford area
District O John Messier AFUM
District P Neil Greenberg ACSUM, UMPSA
District R Crystal Ward MEA-Retired
District ESP Bob Calderwood Education Support Personnel Statewide

MEA Benefits Trust

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