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MEA Awards

Would you like to honor a colleague that goes the extra mile for their students and fellow educators? Do you know someone that really helps support your school?

Each year the Maine Education Association sponsors awards to recognize individuals, groups, and companies for their commitment to public education. We encourage each local association to participate fully in acknowledging those MEA members whose commitments to the ideals of our Association serve as models for each of us. Deadline for award nominations is March 12, 2018. Awardees are recognized at an awards banquet at the MEA Representative Assembly in May.

Award for Teaching Excellence 

Joan McGovern ESP Award

Nomination form for the following awards:

Anne Sheehan Political Action Award

Corporate Award

Friend of Education Award

Golden Apple Award

Honor Medal Award

Human and Civil Rights Award

John H. Marvin Local Association Award

In any given year, the Board of Directors may choose not to present one or more of the awards or may present duplicate awards. Current members of the MEA Board of Directors should not be considered for MEA awards during the time that they are serving on the Board.

If you need further information, please contact the Office of the President by emailing






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