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Higher Education

Dear Higher Education Employees,

As you prepare to step on to campuses across our great state, I want to congratulate you on your amazing successes! Our students who graduate from Maine’s public colleges and universities are achieving great things and that is, in part, due to you—the hard working educators who keep campuses running. You are truly the backbone of Maine’s higher education system and for that I want to thank you.

Your enthusiasm for learning and your passion for your students make you a wonderful addition to schools across the state. I want to let you know there are thousands of members of the Maine Education Association who are here to help you along the way, both in and out of the classroom. MEA understands that higher education comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities please take a moment to fill out this interest card to let us know your specific needs.

Leave your door open

Speak up, let others hear your ideas and share with colleagues. As a member of our professional organization, representing more than 24,000 employees working in public schools and Maine’s higher education institutions, you have access to a wealth of knowledge unlike any other to build your skills.

Grow as a leader

Members run the MEA. As a member, everyone has a voice. The Association gives you the power to exercise that voice and have a say in the content of your contract. Being an MEA member gives you a support system and opportunities to be a leader in your profession.

Keep your passion

The MEA is the strongest advocate in the state for public higher education, working to ensure educators have a voice in policy that affects your profession and your livelihood. As an MEA member you can put your passion to work helping shape the public education system. Our priority is always students and leading the way to great public schools for every Maine student. There isn’t anything the MEA doesn’t do to help support public higher education in the state of Maine!

Keep moving forward

Together we can take charge of our professions with one united voice and help every student along the way. In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, “You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.”

If you want more information about being an MEA Higher Education member download this brochure or take a moment to let us know you're interested.

Lois Kilby-Chesley
NBPTS Teacher, RSU 5 Freeport
President, Maine Education Association

Higher Ed Member Brochure

Click on the photo to download the PDF brochure

Higher Education Affiliates


Associated Faculties of the University of Maine


University of Maine Professional Staff Association


Associated COLT Staff of the University of Maine

Legislative Action

Locate your state and congressional representatives and share your views through our CyberLobby program.

MEA Benefits Trust

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