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What is Maine Education Association?

Maine Education Association (MEA) is a unified professional organization representing over 24,000 public school educators throughout the state of Maine. From Kindergarten through college MEA members stand up for Maine’s students and public education system. MEA members truly are leading the way to great public schools for every Maine student. As an affiliate of the National Education Associaton (NEA), MEA connects its members with over 3 million fellow educators around the United States with professional development, classroom resources, legal representation, and the ability to have a say in federal and state education policies.

Why should I join MEA?

Being an MEA member goes beyond simply being a part of a professional organization. MEA members are a community that supports and guides one another. Together MEA members shape the future of their education careers and the education that Maine’s public school students receive. MEA members are not only educators but school and community leaders who are helping create Maine’s future.

As an MEA member you will have access to:

  • Professional Development Seminars and Conferences
  • Classroom Resources
  • Other educators to mentor and inspire you
  • Information on the latest developments in education and education policy
  • Political action opportunities
  • Member-exclusive discounts at local and national retailers and venues

Did you know your membership saves you money?

As an MEA member you will have exclusive access to discounts from both the MEA and NEA. The current MEA President once saved $3,000 on a new car through NEA’s Auto Purchase Advantage Program. The ways to save are endless from local golf courses and ski resorts to national retailers and insurance providers for your car or home. For a complete list of the local discounts go to MEA Member Benefits and for the national discounts check out NEA Member Benefits.

Click here for an overview of discounts and deals for members.


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