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Memo Reveals True Motive Behind A-F School Grades

Recently the MEA became aware of a memo written by Commissioner Bowen to the Governor. Included in that memo was an agenda from the Commissioner. This plan for the future of Maine's public education system was clear. The following are direct quotes from the memo written in November:

"Accountability is a good issue politically, I think."

Bowen goes on to argue to the Governor that "The biggest step by far would be to authorize some kind of takeover of a school by the state. We do not have the authority to do that under current law. What we could to is propose legislation that takes a school out from under the authority of the school district and puts it under school control. . . . I think we should push for some kind of consequence for schools that fail to improve."

In addition the memo talks about other education items including funding for special education. To that end, Bowen proposes in the memo to the Governor and idea that includes "shutting down services for disabled students ages birth through 2" and "limiting services to disabled preschoolers ages 3 to 5."

Please, take a few moments to read the memo and share this with your family and friends. It is important that the community understands what this Administration has in store for public education. Also, please know the MEA is working hard to fight these proposals that will other further hurt the public education system which has a proven record of success.


Bowen Memo

Read Commissioner Bowen's Memo

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