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Russell Wins California Casualty Award

In partnership with the NEA, California Casualty awarded 1st and 2nd grade teacher Connie Russell (EA MSAD 51) the prestigious California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence.  For the last 21 years, Russell devoted her teaching career to students at Mabel Wilson School in Cumberland.  Russell is one of only 38 public school educators across the country to receive the $650 award, which the company presented to her at a ceremony in December.  The long-time teacher says she will work with her principal to put the money to good use in their school.  The NEA will also officially recognize Russell at an awards gala in Washington, D.C.  In addition, the elementary school teacher will head to Brazil on an all-expense paid trip for ten days!  “I’m very excited about that. I didn’t know about that!  I’m going to try and see what I can do to bring a little of the world to Cumberland and to Mabel Wilson.  I hope to learn a little Portuguese,” said Russell.  Way to go Connie Russell!

Connie Russell is presented with the California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence

L to R: Mabel Wilson School Principal Karen Bubar, EA MSAD 51 President Jessica Zipper, Connie Russell, and Amy Grosso from California Casualty

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