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After Sandy Hook - Maine Educators Review Safety

Message from MEA President Lois Kilby-Chesley:candles

I know I speak for our members when I say that the events in Newtown, CT are breaking our hearts.  All of us – every member, parent, and community member - in Maine recognize that schools must be safe havens for our students.  Together we mourn the loss of life and there are no words that can express our sadness.

The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) is working with AFT Connecticut, which represents teachers in Newtown, and with students, teachers, administrators, and families as they recover from this unimaginable tragedy. For more information on how to help please see CEA's Blog.

Share your condolences and learn more on helping children through this crisis (NEAHIN School Crisis Guide).

Please read the letter from the Maine Department of Education. It provides helpful information and asks us all to practice its all-hazards emergency plans. MPBN also reported on Maine's reassessment of school security.

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