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Fiscal Cliff: What You Need To Know

As educators we are warning Congress about the impacts of the “fiscal cliff” on Maine students. We need Congress to reach a good deal for hard-working families.

Corporations and CEOs have the deck stacked in their favor and educators urge Sen. Olympia Snowe and Sen. Susan Collins to stand up for Maine students who have already been impacted by deep budget cuts.

Please see the information below about how the NEA is helping to protect education funding…

Rivals Dig In As "Fiscal Cliff" Drama Debuts

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Lily Eskelsen, elementary school teacher from Utah and Vice President of the National Education Association, and Mary Kusler, NEA Director of Government Relations, joined the MOMocrat podcast to discuss how the fiscal showdown will affect K-12 education funding. Listen to the complete audio here.

Don’t forget to Sign the Kids Not Cuts Pledge!

Send Senators Snowe and Collins your thoughts.

Senator Susan Collins - (202) 224-2523 or E-Mail

Senator Olympia Snowe - (202) 224-5344 or E-Mail


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