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Stay Up-to-Date with MEA's Facebook Page

Do you follow MEA on Facebook? Do you want to get the latest news and information that impacts your life as a teacher? If so, Facebook has made changes to the way page posts show on your News Feed.

In order to make sure you are receiving all of the MEA’s posts please do the following:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the triangle next to the gear.

  3. Select “Add to Interest Lists”

How to Create Interest Lists:

  1. After adding a page to Interest Lists click on New List at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

  2. Select the pages you want to add to the Interest list and click Next.

  3. Name your list and select who can view your list: Public (everyone on Facebook), Friends Only, Only You. Click Done.

  4. To view list select the list name from under “Interests” on your left navigation bar.

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