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MEA Endorsed National Candidates

MEA Endorses Former Governor Angus King for U.S. Senate

Race for the U.S. House of Representatives

House District 1
Congresswoman Chellie Pingree versus Jon Courtney

The Maine Education Association has enthusiastically endorsed Chellie Pingree for re-election to Congress.

Congresswoman Pingree has been a stellar friend of public schools and the MEA for several decades.  Her commitment to public schools started when she stepped up to serve on the school board in her hometown of North Haven.  She went on to serve 4 terms in the Maine State Senate including two terms as Senate Majority leader, where she was a champion of public school funding and great public schools for every Maine student.

In Congress since 2008, Pingree has been among the MEA’s closest allies. Whether discussing the problems of No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top, Congresswoman Pingree is always ready and willing to stand up for our schools and our professions.

The NEA has given Pingree a grade of A.

House District 2
Congressman Mike Michaud versus Kevin Raye

The Maine Education Association has enthusiastically endorsed Mike Michaud for re-election to Congress.

Few members in Congress understand the needs and hopes of the middle class as well as Mike Michaud.  Congressman Michaud spent almost three decades working at the Great Northern Paper Company Mill in East Millinocket.  Even after winning a seat in the Maine House in 1980 and after he became the President of the State Senate in 2000, he maintained his job at the mill, working nights and weekends.  He is one of a small number of elected officials in Congress who is a member of a union.  Mike Michaud is committed to middle class families and deserves the support of teachers and MEA members across the state.

It is not just that Mike Michaud is so good that the MEA endorsed him.  The other factor is that his opponent, Kevin Raye, is so bad for public schools and our students.  And it wasn’t always this way.  In past elections, the MEA actually endorsed Kevin Raye.  His mom is a retired school teacher.  We thought he was a straight shooter and committed to strong public schools for every Maine student.  But over the past two years as State Senate President, Kevin Raye took his marching orders from Governor Paul LePage and pushed through an agenda that was bad for kids, bad for schools, and bad for MEA members.  Raye led the charge to cut the pensions of current retired teachers as well as all future retirees.  After voting to prevent charter schools in the past, last year Raye did an about-face and voted to allow charters for the first time in our state’s history.  He even voted to allow for-profit charter schools in Maine.  This list goes on and on.  Rather than work with the MEA on a vision to advance and promote public education in Maine, Kevin Raye decided to fall in line with Governor LePage and push forward an agenda that will cause harm to public schools for generations. Mike Michaud for Congress!

The NEA has given Michaud a grade of A.

In the race for President of the United States, educators in Maine and across the country endorse current President Barack Obama.

Educators for Obama

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