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Virtual Failure: Online Charter Schools

The Maine Education Association stays up-to-date on the research of issues in education.  We believe it is in the best interest of Maine’s students, educators, and communities to carefully scrutinize the impact of re-forming our schools.  One such change is the virtual schools movement.Virtual Failure The Growth of Online Charter Schools

MEA encourages all interested parties to read our new report.  Virtual schools, including K12 Inc. and Connections Academy, have few accolades and many areas in which serious questions arise.  Our concern that students will not receive the highest quality education available to them if they “attend” virtual schools cannot be overstated.  E-learning may have a place of importance in supplementing the classroom activities from which all children benefit.  However, this should not supplant the value that student and teacher interactions provide.

We are dismayed that the future of our children may be in jeopardy due to corporate maneuvering from out-of-state, for-profit education entities. We cannot let virtual charter schools open in Maine. There is too much research that proves these schools fail our students while turning pupils into profits for out-of-state companies. Virtual Schools are not the way we should spend taxpayer dollars and they are not the way to create a learning environment where students can succeed.

Virtual Failure: The Growth of Online Charter Schools



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