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Teacher Effectiveness Bill and NCLB Waiver

Implications of the Teacher Effectiveness Bill and the NCLB Waiver Application

When LD 1858 the educator effectiveness bill passed, many of the details were missing from the bill. Some of the details will be addressed in substantive rule-making by the Maine Department of Education. The rule-making will be informed by the efforts of the Maine Educator Effectiveness Council (MEEC). The MEA has four representatives on MEEC. Lewiston teacher, Susan Grondin, RSU 18 teacher, Mary Paine, RSU 54 teacher, John Soifer; and RSU 51 teacher and MEA Vice President, Grace Leavitt serve as MEA’s appointees. Their work will continue throughout the year.

The Maine DOE is also pursuing a waiver from some of the No Child Left Behind requirements. The work done by MEEC will advance the waiver application. Susan Grondin’s summary of MEEC’s work to date is included in this article. Two other workgroups were established to provide input for the waiver application. Amanda Cooper is MEA’s representative on the Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) workgroup. Joyce Blakney serves as MEA’s representative on the Interventions and Support (I&S) workgroup. Amanda’s and Joyce’s summary of their work and its implications are also included.

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