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MEA Supports Chicago Teachers

MEA offers our support to the Chicago Teachers Union in a fight that is about much more than a dispute over the contract for 26,000 teachers in Chicago.  Unions provide a strong, collective voice for the profession – and we must ensure educators are treated fairly and that the professionalism of our members’ work is acknowledged.

CTU is standing up for students, communities, and public education everywhere by fighting for an agreement that will be good for students, communities, public schools and the profession of teaching.  Our organization was founded on the principle of standing up for public education as an essential element of healthy communities.

We encourage Maine educators to show support for CTU, by wearing red to support public educators, donating to the solidarity fund, or sending messages of support and encouragement.  Find more information at

We feel it’s important to show our support for these professionals. What happens in one place has an effect on what happens everywhere else.  Right now, teachers in Chicago are taking a stand.

Lois Kilby-Chesley, MEA President

Rob Walker, MEA Executive Director

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