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Morse High School receives athletic grant

Washburn District High and Morse High School have received grants to boost their athletics programs, thanks to the California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant initiative. They join 57 other high schools from across the country sharing a $75,000 grants pool to assist their struggling athletics programs.

On May 18, representatives from California Casualty congratulated Coach Bingham at Morse High in Bath. Proceeds will be used to assist in the purchase of new helmets and pads for the team.

California Casualty presents grant to Morse High

(left to right): Richard Joyce—History Instructor & SEA Building Representative, Susan Rowe—MEA UniServ Director, Amy Grosso—California Casualty Regional Supervisor, Charlie Bingham—Award Recipient, Assistant Football Coach & Life Sciences Instructor, Scott Walker—Athletic Director, and Assistant Principal Michael Beaudreau—California Casualty Field Marketing Manager.


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