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Joynce Blakney, Candidate for Vice President

Six years ago you honored me by electing me Treasurer of our great Association. I have done everything within my power to respect that honor by working tirelessly for you.

Whether it was offering training sessions to hundreds of local leaders on managing their local’s budgets or attending more than fifteen trainings for state treasurers, I have been hard at work for you. I have been all over this state in my work for you, from York County to The County. I have traveled all over this country as well, from California to DC, New Orleans to Minneapolis, all in service to you and the MEA. My work as your Treasurer, I feel, has uniquely prepared me for the next step of becoming your Vice President.

Our Association gives us much, from workplace protection to professional development and everything in between. Because of this I believe we should give our best back to it and so have strived to do just that. It is my great hope that I will be allowed to continue to serve you and our Association as your Vice President and therefore am asking you to elect me MEA Vice President, in May.

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