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MEA Board Minutes December 2011

At their December meeting President Chris Galgay informed the Board of Directors about upcoming MEA/NEA election vacancies for the 2012 spring cycle. Elections will be conducted for the offices of MEA President, MEA Vice President, and NEA Director; four MEA Board of Director seats; twelve NEA RA District delegates and alternates, and MEA RA delegates and alternates.

An "If and When" election will be conducted for MEA Treasurer. Information and forms are now available to members on the MEA website in the "Members Only" area.

Executive Director Rob Walker led presentations on the End-of-the-Year Budget, Auditor’s Report, Investment Report, and the upcoming legislative session. The Board adopted the Audit Committee’s report and the End-of-Year Treasurer’s report.

Walker also reported on membership counts, MEA Benefits Trust lawsuit, school districts requesting experience rating for health insurance, and shared his vision and priorities for the Association.

Shawn Keenan, MEA General Counsel, presented an overview of the Legal Services program which includes: negotiated contract rights and benefits; Educators Employment Liability Insurance; legal defense of employment-related criminal charges; representation in disability retirement cases, certification/authorization disputes, civil rights or discrimination cases, and Unemployment and Workers Compensation.

MEA will host viewings of the documentary movie American Teacher around the state. It portrays the lives of several teachers and the realities they face in their classrooms and lives. Watch for announcements.

Legislative Action

Locate your state and congressional representatives and share your views through our CyberLobby program.

MEA Benefits Trust

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